^ The emOx pack

^ The emOx refill

The pack attached to its shoulder bag

The light weight emOx unit is an effective means of providing oxygen to a patient in remote areas or where the use of conventional pressurised cylinders is not permitted or safe.

  • Used in Safari camps.
  • Used by Asthmatic patients to Nebulize at home and on their travels.
  • Used in rural areas where refilling of conventional cylinders is not available.
  • Carried by National Parks Anti Poaching units on patrol
  • Carried by land mine clearing teams world wide operating in very remote areas.
  • Used by Scuba Divers worldwide after a normal dive.
  • In underground refuge chambers in all types of mines.
  • In high rise buildings and hotels where pressurized cylinders are not permitted, as part of disaster units.
  • Used by mountaineers in Kenya - Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • As a backup to Conventional Cylinders on ambulances, both civilian and military

emOx emergency oxygen has enormous potential just by virtue of the fact that the product is effectively used at all trauma situations in which accidents might occur.

The table below indicates where the emOx has been successfully used.

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